Integrate Lychee with Google Analytics

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Lychee is a cool-looking open source album script.the best reason to choose lychee is that does not compress the images(unlike imgur!). 2.can display technical information such as EXIF data. You can find more information about lychee in their website.

Now, i will show you how to integrate Google Analytics(GA) with your lychee. I assume you have already added your website to google analytics. If not

1.add your domain to google analytics the root Doc F, open index.html

Put the GA code in between <head> </head> tags as shown above. root Doc F, open view.php

Put the GA code in-between <head> and </head>


It might take up to 1 hour for GA to integrate with your website and start showing stats.


I like to solve core problems with simple innovations!

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