SekretMsg v0.01

***Python3 only.***

SekretMsg (v0.01) is a simple python script(<100 lines of code) to encrypt and decrypt text/binary messages.It uses simple-crypt.





pip3 install simple-crypt

git clone



python3 [file]




python3 message.txt




Generate x264 zones from ConditionalFilter Input

Recently i have been playing with x264 and with video encoding.Sometimes it is required to use zones to preserve bitrate/quality whenever it’s needed.Usually when Denoisers or Debanding plugins are used.Most common among debanding plugin is f3kdb(Avisynth) and commanly it is used on specific scenes/ranges where there is visable banding.These ranges can either be specified through Trim() function or using conditionalFilter Trigger.

An example of a generic Conditionalfilter Input:

type int
 default 0

R 24 336 1
R 25 676 2
R 555 6776 1
R 68854 68859 2
#R 4465<--

Start Range


End Range


Condition Trigger

And for these ranges,you have to specify zones to x264 to preserve debanding effect.I wrote a small <1 KB script to automate this task: